Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday (Belated)

I just discovered Bloomin' Tuesday on 'MsGreenThumbJean's' blog yesterday.  (I am very new at this)      Here's the link to see all of the wonderful entries: 

The first butterfly picture of the season

Dianthus - Ideal Mix (several)

Johnny Jump Ups


Geranium Rozanne

Coral Bells 'Firefly'

Clematis Multi-Blue


Bleeding Heart and Fringed Bleeding Heart

One of the gardens where the Dianthus and Iris are blooming

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Ending

This is the side of the house.  We put in the brick stairway 4 years ago.  We added the beds in front of the fence last year and planted  Lady's Mantle and Rose Campion.  This year we added the edging down the side of the walkway / shrubs and planted hostas and Nepeta Walker's Low.  Can't wait for that to get going!   Under the trees was a weedy mess - this year we were really tired of looking at it and mulched.  So much better!    Someday it will be a shade garden. (I'm just finally realizing that I can't do it all in one year ;)

Here's the side yard garden beyond the pool fence.  This will be it's third year.  I increased the size a bit this spring, moved some plants around, added a few new.  I tried to include more pink.  I didn't plan very well in the beginning and ended up with a lot of yellow, white and blue.  Nice combo, but a girl's gotta have pink!  A few of my Magic Fountain Delphiniums didn't make it through the winter.  Will replace those next year if I don't get around to it this year.   The plants inside the fence are Geranium Rozanne.  I am kicking myself for not ordering more of these when Bluestone had them on sale. C'est la vie.  Especially since I still have not planted everything that I did order. 

This is the back bed behind the pool (and behind the pool fence - sep pic for that).  Inside the fence, there is a row of Lavendar 'Blue Scent' with some Snow-in-Summer planted in front of it - which really hasn't done a whole lot for me.  I planted it in two different locations in the yard and it was not happy in either place.  I was going to pull it out this year - and of course it is having it's best year ever. It must have known it was going to meet it's maker and pulled out all the stops.  It bought itself another year. In the corner is a group of Echinacea 'Magus'

The bed outside the back pool fence.   The Delphinium Magic Fountains on the corner bit the dust this winter.  The little tiny thing there in it's place is a Nepeta 'Walker's Low'.  Come on, little guy, start growin!   Also  in this garden is Blue Spidorwort, Gaillardia, Knockout Roses, Rudbeckia  (new) and Echinacia Baby Swan Pink (new).  Notice the blob of mulch in the bottom right corner.  No, we have not finished spreading that mountain of mulch.  This weekend for sure!

My buddy, Geranium Rozanne

Multi-blue Clematis

Dianthus Ideal Mix (these are thriving this year!  Usually they come back and limp through summer.  Must have been the mild winter)

The view from the back of the yard toward the front

The view of the backyard from above (to truly appreciate this pic, see older post that shows what the backyard looked like 12 years ago when we bought our house)

And to finish up with some cool moon and sky pics.  My new camera is awesome, except for the fact that I broke the battery door so I have to hold it closed with duct tape.  However, it is not the camera's fault that it looks like a flea market find...

Pool at night with the best bargain of the year so far - brown metal torches that match the new pots by the pool

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Begins

The edging has begun and the bark mulch is here! Good times..... Finally moved the Endless Summer hydrangea in front of the house to the front fence (more shade) and divided the Stello D'oro daylily. Broke that into 4 plants; 3 of them went over with the hydrangea, one went in the hydrangea hole. Haven't had time to do anything else.
Graceful Gardens order came in over a week ago, haven't had time to plant - 2 of the Delphiniums 'Summer Nights' didn't make it through shipping. Emailed Amanda today - she's great; I'm sure she'll replace very quickly. Also placed 2 orders with Bluestone Perennials - 1st order shipped yesterday. I've just discovered their 'Specials' page this year, which changes weekly. Bought annuals for me and my Mom for Mother's Day... $135 worth. I thought I was done, but of course rememebered where I need more once I got home.
A quick walk around the yard last night before hitting the road - discovered that the coral bells are sending up blooms already - sweet!
Not a single frost so far this week; last one was last Thursday. Last year the last frost was May 15.