Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Begins

The edging has begun and the bark mulch is here! Good times..... Finally moved the Endless Summer hydrangea in front of the house to the front fence (more shade) and divided the Stello D'oro daylily. Broke that into 4 plants; 3 of them went over with the hydrangea, one went in the hydrangea hole. Haven't had time to do anything else.
Graceful Gardens order came in over a week ago, haven't had time to plant - 2 of the Delphiniums 'Summer Nights' didn't make it through shipping. Emailed Amanda today - she's great; I'm sure she'll replace very quickly. Also placed 2 orders with Bluestone Perennials - 1st order shipped yesterday. I've just discovered their 'Specials' page this year, which changes weekly. Bought annuals for me and my Mom for Mother's Day... $135 worth. I thought I was done, but of course rememebered where I need more once I got home.
A quick walk around the yard last night before hitting the road - discovered that the coral bells are sending up blooms already - sweet!
Not a single frost so far this week; last one was last Thursday. Last year the last frost was May 15.

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