Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Lady in the Garden

It's Bloomin Tuesday over at Jean's Blog - although with the holiday it feels like a Monday.  So take a tour here and then head over to Jean's to see all the gorgeous gardens from all over.

I'm also joining Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie's Blog so definitely pop in there also.

I often wonder if my neighbors have ever considered calling the funny farm to come pick up a new patient.  When I'm out in my yard working in the gardens, I find myself talking to the bees (Oh, I'm so sorry I got in your way! I needed to deadhead this plant.  Please don't leave!  I'll be done in a minute), to my arch enemy the Japanese Beetles (Get the  $#@!$#@ out of my yard and stop eating my babies!) right before I stomp them to pieces, to the spiders (OK, I'll let you live out here but just stay out of my house and don't kill the bees), to the tomato worms as I back away quivering with the heebie jeebies (OMG, you have to be the grossest things out here) and especially to my plants (Hi Sweetie!  You look so pretty today!  Do you want some water?  You do?  OK - I'll get some for you right now). 

I will also run my hands through the Lavendar and Monarda and then put my hands to my face and inhale deeply.   Or run to my hubby and make him smell them.  The neighbors must look over in sympathy, shaking their heads.  Poor woman.  And her poor husband!

I finally realized how insane I must look from the outside last night as I was deadheading at the back of the yard.  Horseflies the size of airplanes were dive bombing me so I finally put down my shears and bucket and began frantically waving my arms in the air and smacking myself in the head repeatedly, attempting to kill them (Horseflies: 5, Me: 0).  I looked up after the third or fourth smack to see my teenage daughter on our deck laughing hysterically while pointing me out to her friend.  Great....

What crazy things do you when you're gardening?   When I dead head, I'll see a flower that's almost completely gone by but not quite.  Do I clip it off, knowing full well that by the next day it will be completely dead?  No, of course not.  I leave it there because in my twisted little mind I think that the one little bloom must be saved for as long as possible. 

I also feel like I've lost a family member when I clip off a new bud by mistake while deadheading and apologize profusely to the poor decapitated little bud.   It's crazy, and so am I, but at least I'm happy!

And we're off. I think we'll start with delphiniums just because they are so spectactular.  Here are Delphinium Chinensis, beautiful little delphs.  They only grow to about 18 inches so they're great for the front of the border and the foliage is ferny and pretty.  Delphinium Magic Fountains, Rose Campion and Shasta Daisy Snow Lady in the background:

These are my favorite delphs: Delphinium Millenium Mix.  They aren't as big as Pacific Giants, but taller than Magic Fountains and richer blues.  They do need to be staked though; Magic Fountains don't:
Delphinium Millenium Mix in the back, Delphinium Magic Fountains in the front.  Magic Fountains bloom a week or two before Milleniums.  My Magic Fountains are winding down and Millenium is taking over for them.  Chinensis blooms several weeks earlier than Magic Fountains and bloom for most of the summer:

Delphinium Millenium Mix - my absolute favorite color out of all of them:

More delphs:

The Delphinium lovefest is over and we'll move on to a few other lovelies to break up the blue.  In honor of Independence Day, here's some red, white and blue.  Shasta Daisy Snow Lady, Knockout Rose Radrazz and Delphinium Chinensis:
Rudbeckia (not sure what kind) with Shasta Daisy and Rose Campion:
Stella de'Oro Daylily:
Pretty little butterfly enjoying Rose Campion:

Knockout Rose Radrazz and Double Pink:

Heuchera (Coral Bells) Firefly are still blooming; they have been for several weeks now.  The hummingbirds absolutely love these:
Peachleaf Bellflower still blooming also:
Shasta Daisy Snow Lady:
Lavendar Blue Scent is a favorite for the bees.  They are all over this all the time.  Smells so good :
Gaillardia.  I love the colors of these.  They bloom for a long time and if you let them go to seed they will self sow.  The seed heads look like cute little pom poms:
Queen Anne's Lace is technically a weed, but I think it's really pretty and dainty so I let a few grow around the beds.  They're white when in bloom but this bud is pink for some reason:

Geranium Rozanne is on my Top Ten list. It blooms all summer.  The blooms are more blue when the weather is cooler, more purple when it's warmer.   It does sprawl and thinks it's a vine against the pool fence.  It is growing up it like a little shrub:
Clematis Jackmanii is still blooming away:

This is an Echinachea, not sure of the name.  It doesn't get as tall as the other Echinaceas or bloom as much but the unique bright pink blooms are so pretty:
I can't remember what these are but I believe they are annuals.  I grew them from seed this year and they're just starting to bloom.  They all came from the same seed packet, but each plant is producing different colored flowers.  Does anyone know what these are?:   

This was supposed to be Echinacea Pink Swan.  Oops!  That doesn't look pink to me:
And here's my 'Three-fer' all a-bloom.  Echinacea, Monarda and Rudbeckia all volunteered in the same spot.  Delphinium Millenium Mix are showing off in the background behind the fence:

To wrap things up, here are pics of overall gardens.  I forgot to take pictures of the front of the house and hubby is off hiking with the camera so these are all different angles in the backyard.

Pool fence between house and pool. This is the hummingbirds' favorite area.  When we sit under the deck, it's like a hummingbird landing strip. There are Heuchera Firefly, Rose Campion, Shasta Daisy Snow Lady, Coreopsis Early Sunrise, Delpinium Chinensis, Peachleaf Bellflower and Knockout Rose Radrazz.  Two views, one from each side:

 Outside of pool fence.  It has Hosta, Rudbeckia, Shasta Daisy Snowlady, Rose Campion, Monarda, Daylily Happy Returns, Early Sunrise Coreopsis:
Side garden with Delphs, Veronica, Rose Campion, Shasta Daisies, Heliopsis, Asiatic Lilies, KnockOut Rose Radrazz, Peachleaf Bellflower:
The back of the pool fence - finally mulched!  Better late than never, right?  Two views, one from each end:

Garden by gate at side of the house.  Alchemilla Lady's Mantle, Spiderwort, Rose Campion:
Side of walkway from gate above.  Hosta and Catmint Walkers Low just planted this year and surprising me with some blooms this week.  Tiny piece of side gardn is visible at top corner:

Picture from the same spot but showing the side garden and veggie garden at the back of the yard:

More views of the side garden:

Opposite side of pool fence with Rose Campion and Rudbeckia.  This is where I stuck all of my extras that I couldn't bear to throw on the compost pile.  My wonderful husband used up the last of the mulch pile to finish up this bed.  Two views, one from each end:

Back of pool fence:

All of the side gardens from the back of the yard:

Back of pool fence (inside):
And last but not least, the side garden again but broken up into three pics to show each section:

Happy Fourth of July!  Stay cool  :)


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Gorgeous property! I love the delpheniums, never had luck with them, but you have inspired me to try again! I could jump in that pool today, 90's again.


Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Oh what a treat for the eyes!
I don't think I can pick a favorite,
they are all beautiful. I think we must
gravitate to the same colors, as many
of your blooms can be found here as well.
But your combinations are lovely, I
truely enjoyed my visit. I have just found your blog, I am glad I did... come visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow such a mass of blooms in your garden this month. That unknown Rudbeckia is interesting with the darker eye and I wish my one lonely Delphinium looked as good as yours. Unfortunately I think it succumbed to the heatwave we've been having. :(

Diane said...

Tracy...hi, I've been looking our for a post from you. Everything looks absolutely wonderful in your garden. I've been making mental notes to myself that I need more delphiniums for the back of my border. There are some lovely colours in yours.

I laughed out loud at your description of yourself in your garden. I don't talk to anything out there, but I certainly share your feelings about deadheading.

And I'm constantly pointing things out to my husband, dragging him out to look at something or smell something. Just last night I was making him smell the lavendar.

As for that unknown annual you have, could it be annual Coneflower (Centaurea)?

Darla said...

such vibrant color....i'm sure there is a special wing at the looney bin just for us gardeners, lol.

Darla said...

oh, that may be a silver spotted skipper, your butterfly.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Tracy. What beautiful blooms and gorgeous flower beds. I only wish mine were so free of weeds
Talking in the garden is just natural isn't it. Doesn't everyone so it LOL!
Will if not I am a crazy woman in the garden with you.
I have just got to try the Rose Companion. It is so pretty in your garden and your Delphiniums are gorgeous. Mine were so puny this year.

Tracy said...

Thanks everybody! The comments weren't working earlier today and will try responding all at once here.

Hi Eileen - It's in the 90's today here too and believe me, I will be in that pool right after work!

Hi Brooke - I'm a new follower to your blog and will definitely keep tabs on your gardens.

Hi Racquel - So sorry to hear that your delph didn't make it through the heat wave. We just got hit with our first heat wave here so hopefully mine hold out for a little bit longer.

Hey Diane - It's always great to hear from you! I responded on your blog the #@!# comments weren't working earlier. If you're looking for more delphs, I do recommend Graceful Gardens although you do have to order entire trays of plants. LOL - too funny! I made my hubby smell the lavendar last night also! You're right - my mystery flower is centaurea. Thanks for reminding me!

Hi Darla - LOL I bet you're right (about a special gardening wing at the looney bin). Thanks for the name of the butterfly - it was the first time that I've seen one like that in our yard.

Hi Hocking Hills Gardner (I couldn't find your name on your blog :-) - Thanks so much! I have to thank my hubby for the weed-free gardens. He has been a Weeding Machine for me this year - I am a lucky woman. I'm so glad to have some crazy woman company. I was hoping that I wasn't the only one! Rose campion grow so easily from seed - I have about a million seeds from a few years ago. If you want any, just let me know!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful Tracy. You have so much color popping. Those reds are stunning. I will have to add delphinium and rose campion. Yours are so pretty.

You are funny. I am the same way - talking to plants and bugs. I suppose we all do. Gardeners are strange.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Beautiful!!! As for what I do crazy in the garden... well same stuff as you. LOL My neighbors surely must think I'm nuts too. I also get so focused while I'm in the garden that I don't want to be bothered and I hate it when a neighbor walking by wants to chat for an hour... I'm not anti-social it's just that I have so little time to actually garden that I really can't waste that time chatting. Drives my hubby crazy!

Kyna said...

Bahaha! I can picture it...'Honey! Smell my fingers!!'

Envy your delphiniums...mine look like crap. It's just to blisteringly hot down here this year.

nice to meet you! :)

Jean said...

Wonderful post! All your beds look beautiful! The delphinium sure add color. I've never had luck with them. May need to try again. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Everything looks great! I have to laugh, you call yourself "crazy lady in the garden", I call my home "Casa de Coo-Coo"! Have fun!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Tracy,
I know I've said this before, but your place is beautiful! I love all the beds and blooms you have in them. We haven't mulched yet, either, but the new bed still has some from last year. It's rained so much, that I have wondered if it would make some of the beds too wet to have mulch on them.

I had to laugh about your carryings on while gardening. I talk to the plants and critters all the time. I get very animated at times, too.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, and I want to see if I can find shorter varieties of delphs like you have. They all look so pretty together.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, and those are bachelor buttons. Mine reseed in the veggie garden. I have trouble getting them going in the front.

cheryl said...

love the delphs.... I do not grow them here but love the color, you definitely are giving them what they want they look so happy. Stay cool...

RainGardener said...

Tracy I'm sooooo envious of your Delphiniums. Actually, I'm envious of everything I saw here today. Your gardens are spectacular!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, I just love the company!

Heather said...

Hi Tracy! Wow, beautiful garden!!! Great colour - I love the delphiniums too! Oh and I know what you mean about talking to the plants as well!! I do it too, it "helps" them grow!

Mad about Garden said...

Funny , lovely , inspirational post.

Love the colour variety & the landscaping ideas.
I am jealous (just a little :) ) because I can't plant all these lovely flowers.

Well done & all the best.

Melanie said...

Ha HA I've been known to talk to the plants and bugs as well Tracy. Your garden looks magnificent. I used to grow Delphiniums too. I love them but decided that in my present garden I wanted things to be a little more low maintenance ie no messing around with stakes. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness! Such wonderful photos!!! I love the anecdotes you share, especially the horseflies! I can just picture it and had to share with my teenage daughter who, I'm sure, must think I'm crazy for doing so. But I like to share a laugh! Your clematis is so nice and full! How old is it? Do you fertilize? If so, what is your regime and what do you use?

Beth said...

Hi Tracy, Love the delphiniums, the roses and the red heuchera. I think your mystery plant may be bachelor buttons. Great garden!

Diane said...

Tracy, I'll start responding to questions on my blog (like you do) over there, but in case you don't check:

Tracy - if you check the side of my blog there are links to some good websites. There's one of 'gardening information' and they have different forums. If you publish pictures of your hostas in the hosta forum, I bet some smart gardener would be able to identify them.

I had a couple of mine identified by a gardener called 'Ed B'.

Tracy said...

Hi Diane - Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be posting some pics over there.

siteseer said...

If being crazy is what it takes to get gardens like yours then count me in.... I'm going to be talking like crazy to them. Love the blues!

Bonnie said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

The Blackwood Cottage said...

OMG, you have made me laught out loud! It is so nice to meet another crazy lady, too bad your not my neighbor. You are so lucky your teen is laughing, mine shakes her head and reminds me that people can see me! So funny.
Your gardening skills are wonderful!

Shirley said...

I agree with Corner Gardener Sue. Those are bachelor buttons and they freely self-sow.

Jan LaFollette said...

Such a beautiful garden! Your plants are so healty looking....is it because you talk to them or all that work and love you put into their care. Enjoyed visiting your garden. I'll come again.

Tootsie said...

okay, I am so happy to say that I am so glad I am not the only nut...I always promise each seed that if it grows it will be spoiled rotten in my garden...and each plant that if it grows nice...I'll treat it to some fertilizer! haha
I also talk to the birds that are now so used to me that they are not afraid to hop in the gardens while I weed!
thank God I am not the only LOON out there!
your gardens are great!!! but I am partial to the Blues...at the beginning!!! OUTSTANDING!!! thanks for linking in!