Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ask and You Shall Receive

A few hours after I whiningly complained about not having my camera - or an acknowledgement from Canon that they had received it - I received an email from Canon acknowledging the receipt of my camera!!

They also provided me with my Canon Repair # and the assurance that the camera will be repaired within 7 business days. (You probably heard me groaning in frustration when I read that...  No!  My garden-progress visual-diary is being shot to hell by Canon's turtle-speed brand of customer service).  My experience so far guarantees that they will finish and ship my camera back to me exactly 7 business days, to the minute, after they acknowledged receipt of my camera (which was exactly a week after they actually received it).  They will probably ship it via Pony Express, probably taking a detour to the North Pole first.

They also gave me a link to check the status of my repair.  I waited until today and then excitedly clicked on the link, quickly typed in the repair number and received the following message: "We are sorry, but we are unable to find your repair order in our database."  (insert expletives here)

I will wait another day and try again.   In desperation, I took a few pictures with Hubby's old crappy camera.  Surprisingly, the pictures looked old and crappy so I will not post any of them.

Last week I mentioned that where I work, they had never cleaned up the dead leaves and seed heads from winter so I was comtemplating stealing some of their perennials, thinking they wouldn't even notice.  Can you believe that the very next day, the maintenance man cut down said seedheads/dead leaves and mulched?

Is this proof that the so called Ask-And-You-Shall-Receive rule does truly work? 

If so, then here is my list, Oh Mighty Blogger Genie:
  • Millions of dollars so that I can quit my job, enjoy gardening and traveling full time and help my loved ones do the same.  And buy more plants, of course.  And create more gardens.  And hire a yard boy for when I am traveling
  • A cure for cancer
  • A standard option in cars that sends an electric shock to the driver when they are driving below the speed limit in the fast lane.  Shocks will continue and increase in intensity if said driver does not vacate the fast lane within a reasonable amount of time
  • Space monitors in shopping carts with automatic brakes to prevent cart drivers from slamming said cart into back of my heels.  Especially when said cart driver is one of my children
  • A law to be passed in which it requires that all employers allow their employees to come to work in their jammies if they feel like it (ie: sweatpants & ratty t-shirts, hair all askew)
  • The ability to turn off my internal alarm clock on weekends so that when I can finally 'sleep in', my eyes will not pop open at the stroke of 5:45am and refuse to close again
  • A mechanism that keeps our kitty (Bubbs) mute and unable to walk on my head to demand food/company/door opening service until I am fully awake and ready to leave my warm bed for the day
  • To dissolve the existance of the Good 'ol Boys Club in corporate America.  Either that or provide me with a detachable male appendage so that I too can receive the same pay and promotion opportunities as the male species in my company.  (Or grant Wish #1 at the top of this list, which would make this wish irrelevant.  This is probably the best option for everyone)
Actually that is probably a lot to ask all at once, so I will settle for the first request.

Happy Gardening everyone.  Hopefully my next post will actually include some pictures


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I will send some vibes out so your camera is found and fixed. I live about 30 minutes from their repair facility, and I also have a Canon. This tells me that if I have a problem, I had better drive my camera over there.


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Cute post.

When my canon broke, it took a while to get it fixed, but it came back perfect@

Diane said...

LOL Tracy! Great job on this post. Good luck with your camera. I'm looking forward to more pictures from your garden. I'm currently away on vacation and find myself yearning for mine! I wonder what's blooming and I'm hoping it's raining at home.


Tracy said...

(I am never sure if I should respond to comments here or go to my gardening friends' blogs and respond there. I haven't quite figured that bit of Blogger Etiquette yet)

Hi Eileen - Thanks a bunch for the vibes! :^) Driving your camera there might not be a bad idea, especially if it gets you around the dreaded 'receiving area'

Hi Katie - I'm sure my camera will come back good as new too. The repair is covered under warranty so there's no charge. I just am not a patient person sometimes! I absolutely love my Canon - it blows my previous camera (Kodak) right out of the water.

Hey Diane - I hope you're having a fabulous vacation and wonderful weather! I went out tonight and used Hubby's camera again. The pictures weren't too bad this time and I was able to adjust the color on the computer so hopefully I'll have time to post pics of my new babies by the end of the week. I can imagine you must miss your gardens - I do when I'm gone, and worry that everything will keel over from neglect before I get back (like that would ever happen in a week, right?) LOL Can't wait to see what's blooming in your garden when you return! Cheers to you too!

Karen said...

Hi Tracy, love the post! I can relate to the 'camera-outage', talk about frustrating! My old camera is not too fancy, so I've been using our son's very nice, very out-of-my-price-range camera and when he takes it with him on trips, I'm lost without it.

I hope all of your Mighty Blogger Genie wishes come true!