Monday, July 4, 2011

Waterfalls, Wildflowers & Mountains in the Adirondacks, NY: Part I

Hubby and I escaped kid-free to the Adirondacks / Lake Placid region of NY last week.  Neither of us had ever been and it was breathtakingly gorgeous. We came back feeling rested and relaxed. 

A few hours into our trip, we unexpectedly found that we had ferry the car across Lake Champlain.  Very cool... another first for both of us. 

On the ride across, we could see part of a building with several flags flying around it on a hill above the water.  The woman collecting the fee told us it was Fort Ticonderoga so we stopped in, had lunch and took a quick walk around.  Very cool place.

After I completed this blog post, I realized that as usual I got carried away so I will break it into two parts. 

WATERFALLS - the pictures don't do them justice:

In the picture below, can you see the girl in the black bikini near the top left of the waterfall?  There was a group of teenagers jumping off the rocks into the falls.  Yikes......

In the picture below, notice the two people on the bridge above the waterfall. This waterfall was huge

FORT TICONDEROGA (check out the cannons sticking out of the walls):

See Part II post for Wildflowers and Mountains  :)

Hope you enjoyed the trip!


Diane said...

Nice Tracy! I really love looking around at old forts. Do you ever get up across the border? Because there is a very cool fort in New Brunswick that was rebuilt from the foundation, just as it was in the 1700's. They even have people dressed up acting the parts of the people! It's a Louisburg.

Diane said...

Actually, I just googled the fort you visited and it looks like it's all standing and they have things like Fort Louisburg anyway. Very cool!

Skating said...

I love your photos. I recognize High Falls Gorge. I have painted the top area just after you cross the bridge and look back towards the mountains. I love the flls with the bikini girl. What is its name and where is it?
Would also like the same info for the other falls you shot.