Monday, July 4, 2011

Waterfalls, Wildflowers & Mountains in the Adirondacks NY: Part II

This is Part II to my previous post on our trip to NY.  See that post for info on the trip and waterfall & Fort Ticonderoga pictures.    On with Part II:   

MOUNTAINS (my hubby's obsession..... he's a hiking maniac):

The picture below shows the view on the ONE hike that I did with hubby. We climbed Little and Big Crow Mountains. I am not a hiker so this was hard for me; it was a breeze for hubby. The previous day he hiked for eight hours and climbed four mountains.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!


Jester said...

You're pictures are gorgeous, I especially like the second one.

Diane said...

You had a lovely trip, Tracy. Gorgeous photos!

Karen said...

Now I feel like I've hiked along with you and saw all that inspirational scenery. Love the wildflowers, too. Thanks for sharing this!