Monday, June 14, 2010

Murphy's Law and 92 Years

Here we are, Monday morning already and back at work.  The weekend was a soggy mess for the most part.   When it was dry enough to work in the gardens, I was flitting around the state for family obligations.  Sunday was dry, however being disowned and / or having my a*s kicked by my 92 year old grandmother (who is a whopping 4' 9")  for missing her birthday just wasn't worth it.  (just kidding Nana - I would never miss your birthday)

So the weeds have been left to grow another inch or two and the deadheads are messifying the garden with their brownish blobs of goo, but so be it!  How many 92nd birthday parties will I get to attend in this lifetime?   How many more parties will I be able to sit back and watch my 3 and 4 year old niece and nephew inhale as many brownies as possible by asking a different adult if they can have one every time?   And then watch the sugar-induced dancing frenzy that follows?  Ah, memories.  In celebration of my Nana, here she is with one of her birthday gifts (since there are flowers in this pictures, it counts as a gardening blog entry, right?) She looks a little angry at the flowers, but really she was very happy:

In honor of Nana and her full, wonderful life which includes 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 8 great great grandchildren.  She is still sharp as a tack and eats like a truck driver. 

Seriously, I am not complaining about the weekend.  Our weather has been fabulous this spring, and I am thankful for both the weather and family obligations.  Life is good!

To stick with my gardning theme, here are a few garden updates.  The Peachleaf Bellflower are still going strong and Geranium Rozanne have kicked it up a notch.  The baby pink Lupine is a seedling from Lupines that grew in this spot a few years ago:

These pretty cornflower blue flowers are a mystery plant - I assume they came from a wildflower seed packet.  Does anyone know what this is?
The Knock Out Roses are making me a very happy camper so far this year.  I planted 10 in my yard at the end of the summer last year, after seeing a gorgeous picture of them on the Dave's Garden website (if you haven't discovered this site yet, check it out.  It is my go to place when researching plants... reviews from real people and real pictures of the plants in their actual gardens, not the super duper shots in the catalogs).  These are supposed to bloom all summer - so far so good!  This is the Double Pink Knock Out:  

Signing off in the hopes that in my after-work-garden-walkthrough, I will discover some new blooms that have come out in celebration of the sunshine today.


Diane said...

Hi Tracy. Your Nana is sweet and I wish her the best. You really do have to cherish every moment with them at that age.

Your flowers are stunners! Those roses are quite amazing. They look like they like whatever your are doing for them!

For those blue ones, check 'perennial flax' out in google and see what you think. They sure are pretty ones!

I really enjoy your blog posts.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, they look like flax to me. It's one of my favorite flowers that don't live long in my yard. I almost bought a plant today, but decided not to.

Yesterday, I heard on the local news that we have only had 4 days without some rain this month. I keep getting sidetracked from my gardening, too. Then, today, it was so hot and humid, that I didn't have the stamina to stay outside for long.

I plan to get up at dawn and go out, even if that is the time mosquitoes are out and about. I hope you are finding time to be out enjoying your beautiful blooms.

Happy birthday to Nana!