Monday, September 5, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have been a horrible blogger this year but for my final Labor Day project I am finally going to post something so I can join Bloomin' Tuesday over at Jean's blog. 

My heart just wasn't into gardening this year.  I guess I was just tired: it has been a busy year with work, my daughter's graduation, family obligations and vacations. 

As referenced in a few previous posts, we also have had months of turmoil with a mentally unbalanced female that had been bothering us.  I am happy to report that after she violated our Harassment Protection Order in July (we are one of four people with a protection order against this woman, in a town with one traffic light and one gas station),she was arrested and brought to court where she proceeded to 'pull rank' on the judge and informed him that she is a forensic investigator with the FBI.  The judge finally decided that it was time to do something about this woman and sent her directly to a mental health facility where she is still being held and is hopefully being given the psychiatric help she so desperately needs. I realize my garden blog isn't the place to vent about personal issues, but when something this bizarre happens, it's difficult not to discuss. 

I hope that by next spring life will be back to normal.  Luckily my garden went on happily without me, in spite of a hot dry summer and no fertilizer. 

I'll start off with the only butterfly that I caught on camera this summer.  I found it this afternoon on a wildflower/weed at the back of our yard (anyone know what this wildflower is?  It grows in our yard every year - is it Joe Pye Weed?  Ironic if it is since I've wanted to get some for a few years now and just haven't):
The side garden is going strong, by far my favorite garden in our yard:

Coneflower Pink Swan, Sedum Autumn Joy:

The best mistake I ever got: this was supposed to be Coneflower Pink Swan; I absolutely love this plant.  It's growing nicely with Phlox Nora Leigh:

A different view of the side garden from our under-deck patio:

This a view of the side garden and the outside of the pool fence from the back of the yard:

Back of the pool fence; KnockOut Roses are still blooming as well as Rudbeckia:

Although I tend to ignore my blog for a while and then do a very long post, I am making a concerted effert not to do that this time.  I am saving some pics for other posts over the next week or do. 
On that note, I will end it here with a view from our deck, which is where I ended my day while enjoying this gorgeous weather and enjoying dinner with hubby (you can see the side garden through the railing).....

...... after I spent some quality time here.  I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


Sunray Gardens said...

Well you might have had a heck of an awful summer, but your gardens are really lovely and sure haven't been sacrificed. Love the photo.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Glad to see you back but you have been through a lot of turmoil. The garden still looks great, love the coneflowers.


Diane said...

Really glad to see you post, Tracy. I so enjoy your gardens. (Please don't ever stop blogging.) I especially like yours because you always show the 'big picture'.

I really hope that the Stalker Lady gets some help and gets on the proper medications!

Karen said...

I am glad to hear your 'problem lady' has finally gotten the help she obviously needs. Your garden is so beautiful, so good to see it again!