Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Late to the Party... and You Can't Make This $#@!# Up

I tried to make it to Bloomin Tuesday on time - I guess technically I'm not late yet.

Please bear with me - first I need to vent about our stalker before I move on to flower time.   Another crazy week at work and in Stalkerville.  Hubby was able to get a Harassment Protection Order, but now the problem is finding the Looney so the police can actually serve her.  Two local police depts gave us copies of police reports to take to court - 30 pages worth and these are SMALL towns.  The highlights of the reports are:
  • She feels that she and my husband have several test tube babies together and that they are meant to be together for life (dream on Crazy Pants!)
  • Someone put morphine in her yogurt and is attempting to murder her.  She has a hunch who it could be and thinks it stems from a letter her oil company sent her to notify her that they had been purchased by another company (must have been one of her other personalities)
  • Called to check on her attempted murder case.  She then decided that the local and state police were not equipped to handle this kind of case and would contact the FBI
  • Insists police dept thoroughly inspect her vehicle because someone put drugs in her vents which caused her to get high while she was driving  (umm, that's called an air freshener Loopy...)
  • Called to report that someone at our address is selling drugs and that she posed as a DEA agent and told him not to buy drugs from my husband.  In retaliation, he is now selling drugs (she was reporting my brother-in-law who lives in the other side of our duplex - and yes, she really tracked down his phone # and left him a message stating that she was a DEA agent)
  • Reported someone broke into her house.  She could tell because she heard someone whispering her cat's name (Hey, maybe it was the cat whispering!)
  • Reported someone broke into her house.  She could tell because they left a piece of paper with lines drawn on it (that's definitely what I would leave for a sign if I broke into someone's house)
  • Brought in a flash drive as evidence of a puncture wound to her breast where someone injected her with drugs.  Upon inspection of the flash drive, there were only pictures of her cat, the weather and her house (damn cat again). 
  • Reports someone broke into her house and stole a phone # off an envelope on her desk  (if it was the # for the mental ward, please - whoever it was - bring the # back!)
  • Called to report that a chiropractor in town is selling cocaine out of his office.  She called him and left him a message to call her back to discuss (yeah, I bet he called her RIGHT back)
This girl is certifiably crazy... scary because she is out in public, driving a vehicle and is a licensed RN!  Obviously not working at the moment but we checked - her license is currently valid.   All joking aside, it has been a nerve-wracking couple of months.  To escape the madness, we went to the air show in Rhode Island  - I love military planes almost as much as flowers.  The Blue Angels and the F16 demo gave me goosebumps, even standing in 80 degree sun.  Wanted to see a Stealth bomber, but no dice.  Hubby saw one before and said they're incredible. 

OK, sorry for long winded intro..... time to move a way from Crazyville and jets and find some relief in my flowers.  There are a few new things blooming this week:

Gaillardia:  I know the colors clash with the hot pink of rose campion but matching isn't that important to me so I left good enough alone

Echinacea Baby White Swan with an asiatic lily behind; the camera captured the orange / red color of the lily in an odd way.  It really isn't glow in the dark flourescent orange:

Shasta Daisy 'Snow Lady' and veronica:

Bella Donna Delphiniums (I think? My memory is shot tonight):

Lavendar ' Blue Scent':

To end the post, a few pics of overall gardens.  I love when people show pics of their entire gardens:

Thanks for stopping by! 


Deb said...

Love ALL the flowers in a row by the fence! I especially am fond of your rose campion...I had one that I dug up from my sister-in-law's home, and we brought it in a packed vehicle from CT to VA. It lived for awhile but then died. I've been trying to find rose campion ever since. Loved seeing yours in your beds.

Jess said...

Okay, I'm a little concerned for you and your husband, honestly. I'm glad you are taking this stuff seriously and I hope the police are too.

Like you, (on to brighter subects) I sort of like color clash as well. I have no trouble with red purple and pink all smashed together.

Diane said...

Hi Tracy. Sorry you and your husband are still having problems. Really glad the police are aware - keep in touch with them.

Your photos are a delight. I so agree about the overall shots being important and I will post some soon. (I still don't have a lot of overall colour, but should post some anyway.)

I have a 'Snow Lady' but it doesn't look like yours....mine's a bit skimpy. Love all the colours mixed together.

Thanks for your comment about my header photo!

Diane said...

Tracy - I changed my blog template. I felt the need for a change. Can you please check it and give me an honest opinion. Do you find it hard to read the print or anything?


Sunray Gardening said...

Everything looks just beautiful. Love everything you have blooming right now.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the big gardens you have. So pretty and I don't see any weeds. Lovely. Hope the crazy lady is put where she belongs soon. I can see where you would feel uncomfortable.

The Idiot Gardener said...

I'm liking the mental lady. I think she might be fun. However, and I'm taking a random shot at this, I'll bet she's not pretty!!!

Jean said...

Love all your bright colored blooms! They look great along the white fence. Jean

Karen said...

I'm glad you have the police involved with this stalker person, too. What's scary is she's on the loose and if she's still working as an RN, oh dear! (Though it would explain some of my experiences with medical 'professionals' quite a bit)
The woman needs help.

Now on to your garden, how lovely it is! I'm a big fan of color, so nothing clashes in my eye. The rose campion is very pretty, I have yet to grow it. I think it's high time.

Have a wonderful, stress-free weekend.

HolleyGarden said...

Your garden is lovely! Love the first pic, of the pink and orange combined. And the flowers down the fence row. Perfect! As for your stalker, it really sounds like she is a bit paranoid schizophrenic. Truly, not joking. Does she have relatives that could help her? If she could get on medication, it would help her, and you too!